Local Business Marketing: Dominate with Hyper-targeted Mobile Ads

Laser-focused and affordable, mobile ads can be a local business owners secret weapon for dominating the competiton.

How It Works


Local business marketing is a powerful way to create raving fans for your business. During our brainstorming sessions we'll discuss your goals, current factors in the market, and ad strategies for your campaign.

Research & Target

We'll roll up our sleeves and dig deep to find meaningful - and actionable - information about your ideal customers. Where do they live? Shop? Hang out? Wherever it is, we'll find it!

Create Offer

This stage is all about bringing the campaign to life. We'll create the ad images, assign the targeting, establish the KPI's, and ensure the call to action and landing page are compelling.


It's go time! Launching the campaign is exciting, but there's still work to be done. We'll continually monitor the campaign's success, optimizing and adjusting targeting as needed.

What We Target

Geo-Targeting for Local Business Marketing

On Site

With on-premises mobile location targeting we take geo targeting to a new level. Blueprinted locations means we can tell precisely whether a person is in a store, in a parking lot or within walking distance of a location. All this means very accurate mobile targeting, allowing you to immediately impact present and future behaviors.


With proximity targeting, you can reach consumers in real-time when they are around Blueprinted locations. Proximity targeting allows you to define a geofence around a specific location to message or influence nearby consumer behavior.


Neighborhoods location based targeting allow marketers to target unique geographical boundaries based on the combination of visitation patterns and audience segments, providing a scalable and custom mobile location marketing solution.

+ Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting is built with location data at the forefront. This allows you to build an audience profile not just based on your customers online habits, but off-line habits as well, providing the most accurate picture of customer behavior available from any location-based platform.

Combine audience targeting with geofencing mobile adsweather targeting, and brand analytics to create the most sophisticated mobile geo-targeting of it’s kind.


Location Audience Targeting

With Location Audience Targeting you can target potential customers based on their real-time location and location history.

This includes people who have visited any location - be it your own brand, a competitor or selecting by category within a specified timeframe.

Custom Audience Targeting

We can create tailored segments for audience targeting based on visitation data, behavioral attributes, demographic details, and purchase information.

💡 Own a small locally owned coffee shop? Target Starbucks regulars with a “SHOP LOCAL” campaign offering a first-time customer discount.

Behavioral Audience Targeting

Behavioral Audience Targeting combine visitation behaviors with demographic information to build sophisticated audience profiles.

This data can then be used to target potential customers based on consumer lifestyle and interests.

What We Measure

Like most advertising platforms, we measure Impressions, Click-through rates, and engagement.

What makes our Geo-targeted mobile so different is that we measure store visits as well. 

We can monitor if they’re visiting during store hours, if they work there, how long they spent at the location, whether they just ran by (or actually went in), and how accurate we believe those horizontal geo-location measurements to be. 

The bottom line? We eliminate the guesswork or whether a campaign is working or not. You will know exactly how many visits you’re getting as a result of the campaign.

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