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Paid Search

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Paid Search marketing, commonly known as Pay-Per-Click, allows clients to advertise their products on the world’s largest search engines.

As the name suggests, you only pay when a searcher clicks on your ads. Are you looking to drive more leads for your business? Look no further – this is the product!


Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads show up when a customer searches for services that your business offers. With these Google Guaranteed ads, you only pay when a potential customer calls your business.

Let’s say a potential consumer is looking to repair their water heater and performs a search on Google. When your client’s Plumbing company pops up, they’ll only pay if the consumer clicks on the ad to call your client’s business!

0 % ROI

for our clients running a PPC campaign

with Local Service Ads

Customer List Retargeting

According to invesp, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% and increasing customer retention rates just 5% can lead to a 25-95% increase in profit!

Leveraging Paid Search’s customer list retargeting, we can upload a client’s CRM of customers and target them directly.

FACT: We’ve found Customer List Retargeting coverts at over 2X the rate of traditional targeting!

Conversion Rate Optimization

We use our vast experience across multiple channels and thousands of clients to deliver the most comprehensive conversion rate optimization (CRO) program.

Conversion Rate Optimization is more than just building a landing page! We implement a sophisticated tracking template to ensure that a user’s entire journey from ad to landing page or website is being monitored and optimized to drive as many conversions as possible.

When implementing CRO, clients see a

0 %

increase in conversion rate compared to clients

who don’t utilize CRO.

Google Map Ads

Did you know that 89% of people search for a local business on their phone at least once a week and 97% of consumers say reviews influence their buying decision? (chatmeter)

That’s why we link your Google My Business with your Paid Search campaign, so people can easily find your client’s business, reviews, and hours of operation, increasing the likelihood they’ll end up there.

On average, clients get 


store visits per month when linking their

Google My Business to their PPC campaign!


The conversion path for certain products and services can often be very long. With Search Remarketing, you can nurture potential leads towards a purchase by changing the messaging for previous website visitors when they perform another search on Google or Bing.

So while users may be taking a long time to make a decision on a big ticket item purchase, remarketing ads can help push them in the right direction with special offers and messaging as they continue their search.

*Search ads can only be used if you have 1,000 monthly website visitors.

According to optinmonster, returning visitors convert at 2x the rate of new site visitors

This is Stan.

Stan visits your website.

Stan is tracked as a visitor.

Stan leaves without converting.

Stan searches again & sees remarketing ad.

Stan clicks ad and this time he converts!

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