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The Client: Lead Generation for Legal Professionals

Paid Search


Call Tracking

Sales Funnel

Lead Generation for Legal Professionals such as Personal Injury Lawyers and Immigration Attorneys
Legal professionals looking to up-level their lead generation efforts with laser-focused targeted. 

The Challenge:

  • Laser-focused targeting to zip code and case type
  • Strict parameters on lead cost and qualification metrics
  • Several languages had to be considered
  • Sales training of staff with detailed call tracking

For example, an Immigration Attorney looking for “I-9 cases in a 50 mile radius wanting to file within the next 30 days.

The Solution:

We implemented a full-funnel lead generation strategy utilizing Paid Search, SEO, call tracking, long-form lead forms, and targeted email follow-ups.

The strategy included two main approaches, one short-term and one more long-term:

Paid Search

We created laser-targeted paid search ads in Google with strict geo-targeting, high-intent keywords, and specific cases types. For example, “HB1 Visa.” 

The ad gave prospects the option to either “click to call” or click the link for “more information.”

Click to Call:

          1. Prospects were given the option to “Click to Call” to speak with an Attorney immediately about their case. 
          2. We provided sales scripts and training to legal receptionists so each lead could be confirmed, FULL contact information secured, and moved down the sales funnel.
          3. At this point, the Attorney could call to follow-up or collect a deposit from the prospect to secure a consultation appointment.
          4. The prospect was immediately added to the Attorney’s database and a series of emails were sent to pre-sell and further qualify the lead. This additional step helped increase the in-person close rates.

Landing Page Opt-in:

          1. For prospects that did not select the “click to call” option, they were directed to a fully optimized landing page with direct response copy and the option to provide more information on their case.   
          2. We utilized the software, Typeform, to pre-qualify the leads and set appointments. The leads were then routed to the intake team at the Attorney’s office to secure payment. 
          3. This strategy was especially helpful for prospects that did not have English as a first language and were often hesitant to call directly. They were often given the option to select which language they would like to be called in which further increased conversion rates.


As we launched the paid search strategy for quick “wins”, we built out their SEO strategy in the background to fully leverage all lead generation opportunities. This involved: 

  1. Maximizing the client’s exposure by capitalizing on top converting keywords.

  2. Implementing a conquest marketing strategy which focussed on maximizing on the weaknesses of competitors in the local market.

  3. Utilizing conversion rate optimization best practices and A/B testing to ensure that a searchers path to conversion was being tested from the very first click to the final conversion.

  • SEO
  • Paid Search
  • Sales Funnels
  • Targeted Emails
  • Direct Response Copywriting



We worked with an attorney in a small Texas suburb. He was looking for a general mix of clients, but with a focus on specific types of family cases.

Within two weeks he had received 22 leads per his specifications. Of those, 10 leads went to business resulting in a 45% close rate. His profit for the campaign was just under $20,000.

qualified leads in 10 days
0 %
close rate
$ 0 K
in profit
Lead Generation for Legal Professionals

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