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Real Estate Broker
This Texas-based real estate team had unknowingly hit the wall at $58m in gross property value sales volume. With a high burn rate and steadily increasing staff turnover levels, they’d exhausted the potential of the current business model and systems. In order to get to the next stage without imploding – $100 million in gross sales – they needed a new approach, new tools, new strategies.

The Challenge:

The real estate team was successful, but had been experiencing serious growing pains after a strong initial 7 year run fueled by a booming local real estate market. As the boom slowed, holes in their business model became more visible.

The Solution:

New systems and repeatable processes that allowed for smooth scaling along with “outside the box” evergreen lead generation campaigns and client outreach events to increase visibility and generate leads/referrals.


Ad-hoc systems combined with little accountability. Each team member had their own way of doing things, causing interpersonal friction and bogged-down infrastructure. This created a situation where the wheel was re-invented for each new client or enquiry every day of the week. As a result most of the company resources were geared toward putting out fires and treading water instead of increasing efficiency and charging toward the next goal. The booming local real estate market had allowed them to succeed in spite of this – but it wouldn’t be enough to get them to the next level.


We implemented new, scalable systems and an efficient, infallible lead generation process created a rapid and sustainable growth spike.

A newly created modern, sleek online presence was more than a fancy digital business card – it actually generated income. Sophisticated SEO and online ad campaigns were created to tie back to the new site and generate leads with individualized intent paths for follow ups to dramatically increase lead quality.

On top of that, we conceptualized, organized and ran regular outreach and local community events. This created flourishing relationships which lead to more referrals and opportunities on an ongoing basis.

Of course, none of this matters if the new processes were not properly managed, so we included systems and procedures to automate as much as possible and give team members a clear idea of what Workflows to follow and why.

This included re-building and bringing the outdated and non-converting website into the 21st century.

  • SEO
  • Paid Social
  • Website Development
  • Targeted Email
  • Sales Funnels
  • Copywriting
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increase in sales
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increase in seller leads

In 18 months this organization has gone from struggling to get out of its own way to being flush with cash and on the verge of opening several new branches and ancillary businesses.

Annual property sale volume increased from $58 million in 2016 to $75 million in 2017 and $75 million in the first half of 2018 alone – on target for 258% growth in just 2 years. That’s close to tripling gross revenue.


$ 0 M
in seller leads with ONE email

Direct Response Copywriting

was a key element to this project’s success. Once messaging and voice was updated to better resonant with the market – sales skyrocketed. One email alone generated $8 million in seller leads for the real estate team.

Breakdown of Key Initiatives
  • Define brand messaging and connect with audience via strategic storytelling and user generated content
  • Re-develop website with focus on lead capture and measurement
  • Create and launch educational webinars to increase agent-to-agent referrals and recruit for expansion teams (open rates for emails increased from 17% to 29% with webinars generating 500-1000 RSVP’s)
  • Implement lead generation system for Home Valuation and “Come List Me” seller leads (2016 Leads: 56 vs 2017 Leads: 214 for a 282% growth rate)                            
  • Engage current investor clients and establish relationship with investor community via in-person events (in-person attendance for educational seminars averaged 125+ and informal Happy Hour Meet-ups averaged 25+)
  • Develop and consistently implement 33 Touch marketing plan with Daily, Weekly, and Monthly outreach (In 2017 had 112 Closed Transactions categorized as Sphere/Past Clients” vs 98 in July of 2018 – just HALF of the time)      
  • Refined Drip Campaign System to engage past clients and convert new prospects with relevant and timely messaging
  • Created pre-MLS Marketing Plan for its existing Home Builder relationships and to solicit additional builders
  • Designed all marketing, sales funnels, text message campaigns, and more while training administration and agents on their use and best practices
  • Strategized and managed advertising on Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

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