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Programmatic Display + Native Advertising
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of users don’t convert the first time they visit a landing page.

– Wordstream

With access to 99% of the internet’s ad-servable inventory, Programmatic Display and Native advertising deliver display ads to your ideal target audience. Whether these users are searching for related products and services, receiving emails from competitors or relevant businesses, or performing a multitude of digital touch points across the web, your ads will be there.

As a result of our cross-device targeting capabilities, your ads have the ability to be served on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices, which ensures maximum reach to their users whether they are at home, at work, or on the go.


Site Retargeting

Programmatic Display and Native advertising allow clients to retarget users who already showed interest in your brand by visiting your website, vastly increasing the likelihood they’ll convert to your business.

In addition, Programmatic Display Advertising has the ability to build lookalike and predictive audiences that match the traits of existing customers which can further increase the likelihood of conversions.

Email Subscription

With Programmatic Display/Native’s Email Subscription targeting, we’re able to create custom audiences of users based on the emails they receive from websites and brands.

Say our target consumers are fitness enthusiasts. By targeting users that receive emails from GNC about sales and promotions on product offerings, Email Retargeting can group them into a custom audience for a business who is looking to reach people who are interested in fitness supplements.

Purchase Receipt

Create custom audiences of users based on receipts sent to their emails after an online purchase was made with purchase receipt retargeting.


Jack is a pet owner who is browsing the internet at night for a bowtie and some bones for his dog, Zero. When he finally finds the perfect ones and completes his purchase, a confirmation is sent to his email. As a result, this tactic can group him into a custom audience based on this purchase receipt, which would come in handy if you’re looking to target pet owners.

Search Behavioral

Search Behavioral targeting allows for custom audience creation based on a list of keywords that are relevant to the client’s campaign.

Let’s assume your client is an auto dealer. When consumers are online searching keywords related to purchasing a new SUV, these in-market users would be eligible to see your client’s ads and be retargeted.

Geo - Fencing

Geo-Fencing targeting utilizes multiple data sources to pinpoint a user’s exact whereabouts, allowing clients to target competitors’ locations and other relevant physical locations where their target audience may frequently visit.

GF targeting can also be coupled with foot traffic attribution so your clients will know how many times someone visits their business after viewing an ad!

Users who were served one of our client’s ads after visiting a brick and mortar location were 2-3x more likely to convert than those who visited the same targeted locations but did not receive an ad!

Utilize Event Targeting by providing us with a date and time, and we’ll target users who attended the event!

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We can utilize first and third party data to target demographic factors like age, gender, household income, education, and marital status.

We can also target psychographics affiliations such as shopping enthusiasts, Dunkin’ Donuts Drinkers, Fitness Enthusiasts, Musical Instrument Buyers, Soccer Enthusiasts, etc.

We can utilize HTML, JPG, and PNG. We will provide the exact dimensions for your creative team. Need help creating the assets? We’re happy to help with that too – just let us know! 

Campaign delivery is based on various factors such as geography, targeting, and flight time frame. If a geo-target is very small (limited number of zip codes or small city) there could be significantly less available inventory for ads to serve on therefore limiting the delivery of the overall campaign. Small geo-targets coupled with specific targeting will severely limit delivery. Geo-Targets should be submitted in the form of a city, state, or list of zip codes. Your analyst will reach out if they see significant under-delivery.