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Programmatic Video

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of video marketers report a positive ROI from video marketing
– HubSpot
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of consumers want to see more video content from brands
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Harness the power of video advertising.

Looking to run a strong video campaign but unsure which platform to run on? Our team has you covered!

Programmatic Video harnesses the power of video and distributes it across YouTube, OTT devices, and through all ad-servable websites and apps on the internet. The best part? We continuously analyze the data and shift budget around to ensure our client’s marketing dollars are going to the platforms driving the best results.


Did you know...

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and second most visited website, behind only Google. - Brandwatch

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of users say they discovered products or brands through YouTube
– Google

Youtube Targeting


Serve ads directly on specific YouTube channels, videos, apps, or websites using Placements.


Use keywords or phrases to target related videos, channels, or websites that your client’s target audience is interested in


Category targeting allows you to reach a user based on the topic of the channel, video, or website they’re on. Looking to deliver an ad on a channel about cars? We’ll choose the “automotive” topic.

Email Subscription

Use Email Subscription targeting to reach users based on the emails they receive from websites and brands.


Ed’s really into fashion and loves pairing his outfits with a nice watch. Since he receives emails from and to keep up with their deals, a jewelry store owner could use Email Retargeting to serve Ed ads about their deal on watches!

Purchase Receipt

Use Purchase Receipt targeting to reach users who have received purchase confirmations sent to their email address! These can be from events, invoices, products, and even travel.

Let’s say Ed doesn’t subscribe to emails because he doesn’t like to receive them, but he recently purchased a watch. The same client from above could use Purchase Receipt targeting to reach Ed since he would have received a confirmation sent to his email address!

Search Behavioral

Search Behavioral targeting allows for custom audience creation based on a list of keywords that are relevant to the client’s campaign.

Have a local college as a client that’s looking to increase their applications? Using Search Behavioral targeting, your client could reach users searching terms like ‘SAT prep’ and ‘college application’.

Geo - Fencing

Geo-Fencing targeting utilizes multiple data sources to pinpoint a user’s exact whereabouts, allowing clients to target competitors’ locations and other relevant physical locations where their target audience may frequently visit.

So if you own a local music store, you can geo-fence other music shops to target people that are shopping around for a new instrument.


Smart TVs, YouTube, Gaming Consoles (such as Xbox and Playstation), Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast.

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