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The ultimate goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to drive more organic traffic to your website.

It is that simple.

The value that SEO brings to your bottom line is undeniable. An increase in your ROI is inevitable when your website is properly optimized, missed opportunities are capitalized on, and you are positioned as an authority in your industry. SEO is truly the traffic source that keeps on giving!

How We Approach SEO Differently:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t a one size fits all. Your website should get exactly what it needs in order to rank in search engines as opposed to a predetermined package that includes optimizations you may not need.

For this reason, our SEO program does not include packages. Instead, in your first month signing on with us, we conduct a one-time, in-depth audit that delves into every aspect of your on-site performance and off-site web presence to determine where you are falling short and or winning.

Following that, we recommend an SEO strategy that gives you the best chance to increase your visibility in search rankings. The strategy recommendation includes a list of keywords we will target (based on in-depth research) and content ideas around those target keywords.

Additionally, we include a benchmark report that assesses the current state of your website performance and SEO efforts. This will serve as a baseline against your future SEO performance with TheSchuck.Agency.

Finally, this audit will present you with two proposals – monthly pricing that fits your desired budget and our recommended monthly pricing. Regardless of which strategy you choose, we will execute your campaign to the best of our ability.

Not only does this audit help set expectations for your organic traffic growth and lay out a roadmap to enable us to work towards those goals, but it also serves as a benchmark to measure ongoing performance and makes shortfalls and wins easily identifiable.

SEO Audit Details:

In-Depth Keyword Research

Our SEO team has devised a proprietary keyword research methodology that enables us to discover a highly relevant set of keywords for which users are most likely to search.

Research shows that 93% of searches begin with a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing! To make sure your client’s business is visible when users do begin searching, our team puts their proprietary methodology to use and puts together the keywords that are most likely to be searched.

This set of keywords will form the foundation of your SEO strategy throughout your website (on-site) and linkable content assets (off-site) to eventually gain these users as customers.

On-Site Gap Analysis

In order to rank highly against competitors and dominate the SERP, your website first has to be fully comprehensible to search engine bots so it can be crawled and indexed properly.

Our audit looks at the overall site structure to evaluate, among others, page response codes, the sitemap, page speed, metadata and HTML source code of the pages. When search engines can effortlessly crawl a site, they will understand the overall theme of the website and reliably serve it up to highly relevant users.

The technical changes, including title tag, metadata and H1 updates the SEO team will implement on your website will play a role in making your website easily crawlable and consequently increasing search visibility.

User Experience Gap Analysis

Content and user experience is at the center of our SEO philosophy. When users search for information on Google or Bing, they want relevant information in relation to their search. If you don’t provide that information, your competitors will.

Our SEO experts will audit the content on your website to ensure it provides value and is optimized to fulfill the intent of the searcher. Once we take inventory of the content, we will then analyze the overall structure of the website. This includes page layout, navigation, and design. Bad page design and layout could stump organic traffic growth.

Our SEO experts will create content on your website based on in-depth keyword research. We’ll also craft content around popular questions your potential clients are asking and researching.

Web Presence Gap Analysis

To increase credibility as a business in Google and
Bing’s eyes, your website content needs to be relevant and informative.

Additionally, other online stakeholders in your industry need to reference your content. Our in-depth web presence gap analysis finds out if this true for your website.

For example, if you are a plumber and constantly have relevant “how to” content on your website, a local blog writer who also writes about plumbing related content could mention your website. If this happens often, it establishes your website as an authority on plumbing.

Our SEO experts will reach out to publishers relevant to your industry in our network to feature your content. As consumers get exposed to your highly informational content, your credibility is boosted, thus increasing the likelihood the consumer converts as a new customer.

According to HubSpot, blogs give websites

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indexed pages and 97% more indexed links. Indexed pages and indexed links translate into higher rankings with the search engines, and that means more website traffic to your site.

Brand Signals Analysis

Your overall brand or local presence online indicates the level of credibility you have. Google’s objective is to provide accurate, useful and trustworthy information to their users, so they care about a brand’s credibility a lot. This is why it is important to be visible across local or national directories with accurate business information

Our team of SEO experts take a deep dive into your client’s brand sentiment and online reputation. This includes social media presence, online reviews, and web directory listings.

How people feel about your business is important and search engines pay attention. If you have no reviews online or don’t post often on social media, it could hurt your search visibility.


Our SEO team will boost brand awareness by sharing your blog content on Facebook and Google My Business. Additionally, your business information will be distributed across over 150+ online directories. Since receiving reviews are important, we will also formulate a plan to generate good reviews from your past customers.

Benchmark Report

Setting realistic client expectations for SEO performance is key to running a smooth and successful campaign. To that end, we create a report that first, documents the current state of your website performance and overall SEO efforts. Then, we compare your performance against your online competitors and industry standards.

As TheSchuck.Agency SEO team works on your campaign, this benchmark becomes the measuring stick for progress and is included in monthly report. It also serves as a guide to quickly identify performance dips and causes in order to fix them.

Note: While monthly comparisons could be beneficial, they are not advised. Quarterly and yearly comparisons are recommended as they provide more clearer actionable insights

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