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With Targeted Email, you have the unique advantage of targeting people in their most trusted environment, their email inbox!

We use a CAN-SPAM compliant double opt-in database that ensures brand safety, which, coupled with thumb-stopping creative and precise targeting, leads to over 10% of your emails being opened and a click rate over 2x the industry average!


Email Suppression

Using suppression, clients can choose not to target certain users if they feel they do not need to receive a certain email send.

CRM-Based Suppression

  • Clients can send over a list of emails from their CRM database of people they do not wish to send an email to.

Order-Based Suppression

  • For clients running multiple sends, they can also choose to exclude people who received a previous email.


Ashley just purchased an AC system from you for her home. If you wish to send an email to your customers about a new air conditioning special, you can exclude Ashley since she’s already made a recent purchase.


Matchbacks are THE surefire way to measure ROI and ROAS through Targeted Email. Just send over a list of your client’s customers around 30 days after a send and we’ll match your client’s current customers with the people who received our send!

Remarketing Drop

Frequency is key to any marketing campaign and with Targeted Email’s Remarketing Drops, we can deploy a second email. Depending on goals, we can remarket to the following:

  • People who opened the email
  • People who didn’t open the email
  • People who clicked the email
  • People who didn’t click the email
  • Anyone who received the previous email

According to HubSpot, 59% of users say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions!

Email Marketing has shown to have an ROI of up to 4200% in recent years!

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