Mastering ABM: GTM Strategy Playbook for B2B Success

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About Course

In today’s highly competitive B2B landscape, disjointed departments and a lack of a clear strategy often lead to missed opportunities, wasted budgets, and stunted growth.

Without alignment, your marketing may target accounts that sales don’t value, sales might ignore promising leads, and client success could be left scrambling. The chaos not only slows growth but could tarnish your brand’s reputation and diminish customer trust.

Mastering ABM: GTM Strategy Playbook for B2B Success is your answer. Designed by an ABM Advanced Fractional Chief Revenue Officer, this course provides a step-by-step guide to align your teams and refine your approach so that you can hit those aggressive revenue targets. The future of your B2B enterprise is bright; let’s build it together!

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Course Content

Introduction to ABM and Its Role in GTM Strategy
What is Account-Based Marketing? The significance of ABM in the B2B landscape.

Building the Foundation: Identifying High-Value Accounts
The criteria for selecting target accounts. Utilizing predictive analytics and insights.

Crafting Personalized Marketing Strategies
The role of content in ABM. Channel selection and optimization.

Sales Enablement in ABM: Tools and Tactics
Integrating sales and marketing efforts. Lead qualification and nurturing.

The Power of Data: Metrics and KPIs to Monitor
How to measure ABM success. Refining tactics based on data-driven insights.

Seamlessly Integrating Client Success into ABM
The role of client success in account nurturing and growth. Ensuring feedback loops for continuous improvement.

Technology Stack: Tools and Platforms for ABM Success
CRM, marketing automation, and ABM-specific tools. Best practices for tool integration.

Case Studies: Real-world ABM Successes and Failures
Detailed analysis of successful and failed ABM campaigns. Key takeaways and lessons learned.

Workshops: Crafting Your Own GTM Strategy Playbook
Hands-on sessions for participants to develop their own playbooks. Peer and instructor feedback for refinement.

Looking Ahead: The Future of ABM and GTM Strategies
Emerging trends in B2B marketing and sales. Staying agile and adaptable in a changing landscape.

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