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Product-Led and Sales-Led Growth Models: Which is Best?

Product-Led and Sales-Led Growth

Product-led and sales-led growth models represent two distinct strategies for B2B companies to acquire, retain, and grow customers. Here’s a breakdown of each approach, their similarities, differences, and pros and cons: What is a Product-Led Growth Model? In a product-led approach, the product is the primary driver of customer acquisition, retention, and growth. Companies focus […]

Top 6 Sales Qualification Frameworks Explained

In the intricate dance of sales, understanding when a prospect is ready to buy – or even worth your time – is essential. Sales qualification frameworks are our guiding light in this journey. Let’s delve into each to understand its origins, steps, and implications. 1. BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline) History:Developed by IBM in the […]

Understanding Sales Methodologies: A Guide for the Modern B2B Sales Team

Sales Qualification Methodologies for B2B Sales

As you embark on your journey to drive revenue, it’s crucial to understand and choose the right sales methodology that aligns with your customers, products, and market landscape. Each methodology has its unique advantages and understanding when and how to deploy them will be our competitive edge. To help you decide, I’ve created a quick […]